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I am so excited (and extemely nervous) to be taking part in the Liverpool to London fundraising cycle ride in May, which is by far the biggest physical challenge I've ever set myself! Over four days, our intrepid group will be tackling a ride of epic proportions (400km / 250 miles) from our Liverpool to North Islington centres, nervously skirting the Peaks through the equally brutal-looking Staffordshire Hills, flying through the Midlands, and heading boldy through the beautiful Buckinghamshire before hanging a right towards the vast suburban churches of London. As a a self-confessed cycling novice....there is an awful lot of training to be done between now and May, as I will be cycling about 100km miles each day (EEEEEK)! 

These efforts are for the incredible educational organisation that I work for: We work with young people from year 3 up to year 13 within local learning centres accross the country, helping them to achieve both their current and future ambitions. Any sponsorship would be hugely appreciated and very motivating for my much needed training, with all donations going straight to our work at the heart of the communities where we're most needed. You can read a little more about IU's work below...


IntoUniversity provides local learning centres in areas of socio-economic disadvantage around the UK, supporting young people from underrepresented backgrounds to gain a university place or another chosen aspiration. IntoUniversity currently operates 31 centres or equivalents in thirteen locations in England, with plans to launch further centres over the coming years. We run an innovative and long-term programme of after school academic support, tailored educational/training days for primary and secondary school students, individual mentoring by university students and corporate employees, university application guidance and assistance with critical work experience. In the 2018-19 academic year, IntoUniversity supported over 42,500 children and young people across our network of centres.

IntoUniversity is a growing education charity with a strong track record of working with schools, universities and corporate partners to inspire young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve their potential. Young people from the UK’s most disadvantaged postcodes are four times less likely to go to university than those in more advantaged areas. This makes it harder for these young people to succeed in a competitive job market. The long-term effects can be felt across society, as communities with low education and employment prospects become increasingly marginalised. By raising aspirations, awareness and exposure to higher education, we aim to tackle this issue, giving our students a better chance at a brighter future.

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